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American Bobtail - Cat Eyes Collection - DND 18ml

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DND 3D Cat Eyes
DND 3D Cat Eyes Gel Nail Polish Magnetic UV/LED Soak Off Manicure Varnish

This is a listing for the Magnetic Cats Eyes Collection by DND.
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What is Magnetic 3D nail polish?
Magnetic nail polishes contain small textured metal particles that activate when a small magnet is held near the still wet nail colour without touching it. The science behind this phenomenon is relatively simple. The positive or negative charged specially designed magnets when placed near the metallic nail polishes attracts or repels the metal particles in the nail polish, creating beautiful glittery designs. The specially designed magnetic discs are arranged in different shapes, such as diagonal, strips, or stars to create different effects.

Application Steps:
• Prep Nails
• Apply Base Coat and Cure in UV/LED Lamp
• Apply First CAT Eyes Gel Coat & Cure in UV/LED Lamp
• Apply Second Cat Eyes Gel Coat and Hover Magnet Stick Over the Nail for 5 Seconds - Then cure in UV/LED lamp
• Apply Gel Top Coat and Cure in UV/LED lamp
Please note - this listing is only selling the Magnetic Gel polish - Magnet Does Not Come With The Bottle - You will need to purchase the Magnet separately

About Daisy DND:
DND Products presents Soak Off Gel Polish, luminous nail color that applies faster, feels thinner, and lasts longer than any other gel available!

DND delivers a fast two-step professional system that is unique from any other on the market. Fused with essential vitamins, DND makes nails stronger, healthier, as well as stunning for weeks!

- For Salon & Professional Use
- 100% Authentic Material
- Essentials for a Perfect Salon Gel Manicure
- Lasts up to 21 days

Condition: Brand New, Full Sized, Undamaged, Unopened
Brand: DND
Manufacture: Made in USA