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Coconut Over - Fiji Collection - Infinite Shine - OPI 15ml

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Type: OPI Infinite Shine
OPI Infinite Shine - Fiji Collection - Coconut Over (15ml)

Gel Effects Lacquer System
  • No Light Needed
  • Wears upto 10 days
  • Soak-free removal
  • Full range

3 Step System from OPI

  1. Apply the Primer Base Coat
  2. Apply the Colour Coat of Your Choice over 70+ Colours to Choose from
  3. Apply the Gloss Top Coat for that Infinite Shine

Infinite Shine is OPI's answer to long-wearing polish. Yes, polish.
It’s not gel. It’s polish.
So what is OPI Infinite Shine? Well, there are three components – base, colour, top. You paint ‘em all on like you do with any regular polish. Then you wear it. Then you take it all off with acetone like you would any regular polish.

Long wearing polishes worn in a 3 step system to prolong the manicure.
The system starts with a base coat then you apply the color and top it off with their special top coat that cures with natural light.
OPI has put out a bunch of core colors in the Infinite Shine line, they are also coming out with seasonal collections!

The Primer base coat prevents staining on your nails (key for some of those dark and moody autumn-winter polish shades) and helps extend the polish, while the Gloss top coat locks in the colour with its gel polymer formula that cures in natural light, nixing the need for any UV or LED lamps or the big soak-off mess. What you’re left with is a high-shine (seriously, it almost looks wet) finish that will last through your meetings, coffee jaunts and post-work affairs, so when you swap your polish, it’s more likely you just want a change in colour.

If you are not familiar or looking for exact colour matches please google the item for natural pictures.

100% Authentic
Not A Rip Off or a Knock Off like all the Chinese Hong Kong Listings

Buy with Confidence from a Reputable Supplier
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actually this is general description, which we are using for all infinite shine products